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2016 Year

March 2016, ONV passed the ISO 9001 international quality  certification again.

2013 Year

 In 2013, ONV launched super power Ethernet Power switch (Single port power 95w).

 In 2013, ONV’s marketing center established, and move to Tairan building, Futian district Shenzhen along with its Head Office.

 In 2013, ONV launched 2/4 channel SDI super high definition fiber transmission optical    transceiver.

2012 Year

 In 2012, ONV won “China's Security Industry the 2012 qualified supplier” Prize.

 In 2012, ONV won the “The 2012 China's Security Industry Ten customer satisfied Brand” Prize.

 In 2012, ONV rewarded “The 2012 China's Top 100 Security Enterprise”.

 In 2012, ONV rewarded “The 2012 Top Ten Creative Company”.

 In 2012, ONV won “The 2012 Top Ten Integrity Company.

 In 2012, ONV successfully developed self-owned intelligent property right high definition digital fiber transmission SDI fiber optical transceiver series products.

 In 2012, ONV launched 10/100M powered Ethernet POE switch.

 In 2012, Intelligent Web managed POE switch series products successfully launched.

 In 2012, ONV launched full gigabit Ethernet POE switch series products. 

 In 2012, ONV launched Ethernet splitter PD series product.

 In 2012, ONV Awarded “Safe City System Recommended Excellent Product”

 In 2012, ONV won “The Fifth Tope 100 Credible Brand Security Product supplier”

 In 2012, POE switch won “The 2012 Most Popular Security Product” prize

 In 2012, ONV rewarded the USA military POE chip “excellent supplier”.

 In 2012, ONV rewarded the “China’s Intelligent City Construction Recommended Brand”.

 In 2012, ONV rewarded “Intelligent Building Electric Industry Security Top Ten Excellent Brand”.

 In 2012, Ethernet POE power supply and powered products passed the FCC, CE, RoHS certificates.

2011 Year

 In 2011 high definition fiber transmission DVI series products are launched.

 In 2011 ONV obtained the honor of The 30 Golden Integrity Security Supplier.

 In 2011, the first intelligent classification grade 100M series Ethernet POE switch is launched.

 In 2011, a number of Ethernet power supply technologies passed the software patent recognition. 

In 2011, ONV rewarded the title of “2011 China's security products quality consumer Trusted Brand” 

In 2011, ONV won the “The 2011 China's Security Industry Top Ten Vogue Product” prize.

 In 2011, ONV won “The 2011 CPSSE EXPO Golden Tripod” prize.

 In 2011, ONV launched multimedia high definition HDMI optical transceiver series product.

 In 2011, our energy saving network power supply device, Optical-communication device’s utility model patent successfully applied.

2010 Year

 In 2010, ONV expanded its production, and created a 1500 square meters factory building in sengyutai Science Park Longhua district, Shenzhen.

 In 2010, ONV be voted to member enterprise of “Shenzhen Internet Technology Applicate Association.

 In 2010, intelligent web management looped network fiber optical transceiver products are launched.

 In 2010, ONV officially passed the “Double Soft “certificate.

 In 2010, ONV be rewarded the title of “Safe City Construction Brand”

 In 2010, ONV rewarded the title “China's Top 10 Security Enterprise”

 In 2010, ONV awarded the honor of “Recommended Safe City Construction Recommended Brand”

 In 2010, ONV have been commented as “keep contacts regard credits” enterprise

 In 2010, we won the prize of “The 2010 Shenzhen Enterprise Cultural Construction Outstanding Units (the 4th)”

 In 2010, we are selected to be member Unit of “Guangdong’s Public Security and protection Technology Association”

 In 2010, ONV be voted as “Beijing EXPO innovation products”

2003-2009 Year

 In 2003, Optical Network Video Technology (Shenzhen) Co., ltd established in the sunshine famous garden Futian district, Shenzhen

 In 2003, ONV with Advance Industrial Research academy of Shanghai Jiao tong University established industry-study-research cooperation.

 In 2003, ONV launched security industry’s first batch carrier-grade fiber optical transceiver products

 In 2003,10/100/1000M fiber optical transceiver series products started bulk- production and officially came to market.

 In 2003, fiber mode converter developed successfully and came to market.

 In 2004, industrial- grade network fiber modem is launched. In 2004, uncompressed coding video fiber optical transceiver series launched and came to market.

 In 2004, ONV’s Fiber optical transceiver products obtained the network access license released by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology department.

 In 2005, the lower speed fiber mode converter is launched.

 In 2005, video /audio/data/Ethernet multifunction video optical transceiver is rolled out.

 In 2005, ONV’s uncompressed video fiber optical transceiver have passed the type test by China’s’ Ministry of Public Security.

 In 2005, ONV been invited to access Shenzhen Security Institution Association.

 In 2006, ONV optical transceiver products’ appearance obtained the utility-model patents

 In 2006, ONV’s multifunction optical transmission software’s platform is launched.

 In 2005, ONV been listed on key support enterprise by Shenzhen Futian authority.

 In 2007 ONV expand its scale and moved to Shangsha Science Park--Shenzhen incubation base. Of technical enterprise.

 In 2007,ONV products officially passed the ISO 2008 quality management system’s inspection and been issued ISO9001 certificate.

 In 2007,a number of National technology patent be reworded to ONV’s video optical transmission products.

 In 2008, ONV created reliable laboratory, and regulized products inspection and testing.

 In 2008, Anti-lightning, anti-surge technical passed the inspection by Shanghai thunderstorm preventing center.

 In 2008 multi-function uncompressed video optical transceiver awarded the honor of “China's Top Ten Innovation Products”

 In 2009, cascading digital video optical transceiver series products are launched.

 In 2009, Industrial-grade optical network products been launched and came to market.

 In 2009, ONV Products passed CE, FCC, RoHS etc certificates.

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