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ONV Technology comprehend the importance of the well-being of our staffs and pays utmost attention to staffs' work and life.

 ONV Technology has a business behavior standard, which ensures that all our staffs hold themselves to high standards of ethical behavior. 

ONV's Behavior Standard contains a trust statement, basic principles of business management, guidelines and responsibilities, which help to define our company's culture. 

ONV Technology attracts and recruits talents relying on their own goals and culture, achievements and opportunities, as well as policies and treatment. In the recruitment and hiring, we follow the two-way choice principle, and in the use, training and development of talents, we offer equal opportunities to everyone. Our principle of assessment is openness and fairness. In recruitment, we will open all the post vacancies and requirements, and our assessment criteria and assessment procedure is always just. In a word, we will always follow strictly to the company’s employment standards, and choose the best one.

ONV Technology provide staffs with both management and professional technique career path. Employees can design his career development path based on his own features, and realize it by improving their own working ability.


In order to encourage outstanding individual and team, the company has also established a reward projects cover a wide range of performance quarter Awards, Outstanding Performance Awards, Innovation Awards


Comprehensive compensation and benefits as a supplement, the company also set up a special department activity funds, account transfer policies, annual health checks and other projects.

ONV Technology is committed to building a learning organization, which help employees to put what they learn into practice and help to improve their own skills. Thereby it can help to enhance job performance. 

ONV's staffs are welcome to bring their opinions and suggestions to the company's attention through various channels, beginning with their immediate manager. In accordance with our Open Door Policy, staffs can also pursue any issues that they might have with more senior managers. The communication channels include but not limited to: 

1. CEO Mailbox;

2. Specialists from the Staff Relationship Department;

3. Rationalization Suggestion Mailbox.

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