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In order to attract, motivate and retain talented people to help our company to achieve the strategic goals,  both the competitiveness and the internal market on the basis of fairness, in the form of cash and non-cash, provide employees with a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits package


Our company will provide full competitive base salary, according to the annual market pay levels and individual performance on an annual base salary of staff salary review.

Performance bonuses:

In addition to basic salary, we make annual grant of annual performance bonuses to motivate excellent performances be based on employee work performance during the year and our company's goals  


In order to encourage outstanding individual and team, the company has also established a reward projects cover a wide range of performance quarter Awards, Outstanding Performance Awards, Innovation Awards


Due to advocate a healthy and balanced work life status,  our company offers a variety of fully paid leaves, including statutory holidays, labor law, marriage, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, bereavement leaves, etc., in addition to above leaves , our employees based on years of service in the company enjoy the corresponding number of days of paid annual leaves.

Staff Club:

To enable employees to work while in a tense relax well, the staff club will provide the rich and varied extracurricular activities(including sports, leisure, entertainment and so on to our staffs.

Other benefits:

Comprehensive compensation and benefits as a supplement, the company also set up a special department activity funds, account transfer policies, annual health checks and other projects.
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