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PoE Knowledge

PoE Knowledge

What is power supply type of PoE? Can it be achieved through 4-core cable?

There are two types of power supply of PoE:

1. 1236 both for data and power.

2. 1236 for data and 4578 for power.

In a current market, the PoE camera can both suppot these two types, therefore, it is depends on PoE switch for the final adopted power supply type.

For the cable, CAT.6 is better than CAT5/5e both on the material and registered jack (RJ). It is more stable and reliable for transmission.

What is the transmission distance for PoE power?

The max PoE power transmission distance for most product is 100 meters. And the better suggested distance is 80 meters. ONV also has long distance transmission series, which is up to 250 meters.


What is voltage of PoE?

IEEE802.3af    Voltage: 44-57V   Current 10-350mA

IEEE802.3at    Voltage: 50-57V   Current:10-600mA

For ONV PoE products, it is compatible with both IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at. And max PoE power for each port is up to 30W. All the PoE switch series can be auto-sensing PoE standard. What’s more, ONV has UPoE series, which max PoE power for each port could reach to 60/90W. You can click here to see our PoE series list.


How to choose PoE switch for a camera.

If the power of camera is 10W, then IEEE802.3af PoE switch is enough. But if the power of camera is 20W, then you should choose IEEE802.3at PoE switch. ONV also could provide other tips for choose PoE switch, please click here to get know more.

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