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Big Customers

There is a well-known management principle in marketing - "80:20 principle", it means 80% of the value comes from 20% of the factor, the remaining 20% of the value comes from 80% of the factor. This principle also applies to the client management of marketing. For a company, the majority of the sales comes from a small portion of clients, who are large customers for the company. They may be a regional distributor or the core client, or a large-scale project company. These large customers are so important for ONV, so we especially establish Large Customer Department, providing better products and service  for them.

1. Ensure adequate supply for large customers with priority

Large customers have larger market for products, thus it is our primary task to ensure their requirements on product quantity and serialization, especially for the seasonal-sales of products. Our Large Customer Department should know their sales and stock status, so that to have a discussion about market trends, reasonable inventory and possible sales volume and thus arrange stock preparation in advance.

2. Help customers achieve sales targets with maximum support

We will fully mobilize all the sales factors related to large customers, including the basic salesperson, to improve the large customer's marketing ability. Many salesperson often misunderstand that only if they have good relationship with the middle and upper supervisors, they will have good relationship with clients. In fact, they should also get along well with basic salesperson, as although the middle-and-upper level have the decision whether to order and when to pay, while the basic working people, such as salesperson, sales representatives, warehouse keeper, are more directly connected with marketing. As ONV is a high-tech company with complicated communication products, thus it is important for our Large Customer Department to arrange technical training to the client’s basic working people for marketing promotion. 

3. Supply new market competitive products to large customer with priority

Company has set up a new mechanism to launch new products with large customers as the center. We will provide information for new product development direction based on large customer research reports. After the new product launch, large customers will be provided with priority to increase their market influence, initiative and market leading advantage.

4. Pay full attention to big customer’s public relations, sales promotion and business trends, and timely provide support or assistance

Large customer is one of the most important aspects for enterprise marketing. Their every special event should be given close attention, such as anniversary celebration, receiving special honor, major business initiatives for better communication.

5. Company executives regularly visit large customers

One of the important tasks of our Large Customer Department is to provide concrete information to company executives, so that to arrange reasonable visiting schedule with good order and concrete purpose. Thus we can provide the best service for large customers.

6. Design marketing plan together with large customers 

Each customer has different situation, including different region, different business strategy, different professional degree of marketing, etc. In order to make every large customer sales performance improving steadily, Large Customer Department should coordinate the marketing personnel and Marketing Planning Department to design promotion plan together with the customer according to their different situation. Customers should  be made to have the feeling that they are attached great importance to, they are an important factor of our marketing channels.

7.Regularly solicit opinions from big customers to marketing personnel

Marketing personnel is representative of an enterprise. The education, life experience, personality characteristics and self management ability decide the marketing personnel working performance, while their working performance decides greatly the relationship between enterprise and customers. Large Customer Department should support, supervise and inspect the work of the marketing personnels who are responsible for the business with large customers. For the uncompetitive ones, they should be reported to the company executives and replaced by suitable candidates.

8.Share the benefit with big customer with a flexible reward policy

Our company adopts appropriate incentives according to the market and enterprise operation situation, such as various discounts, cooperative promotion, marketing competition and rebating and so on. We would like to share the achievements with our large customers together.

9. Provide the best technical service

For the engineering contractor, they can enjoy our integrated technical support, such as pre-sale biding technical service, implementing scheme editing and certification, project technical service and after-sales technical services.

10.Extend warranty, provide emergency spare parts free of charge within some proportion 

In order to improve large customers ability to their end-users response and service requirement, ONV adopts a series of enhanced after-sales service for large customers, especially to extend product warranty period, and provide the appropriate spare number products of same model according to purchasing scale free of charge.

11. ONV basic requirements on large customers selection

1. Good cooperation history with ONV;
2. Legitimate companies or individuals;
3. Single transaction more than RMB 100W or annual accumulative total transaction more than RMB 5100W

Only when the Large Customer Department activate all the positive factors, do all the work seriously and well, maintain the large customers, can we keep the main marketing channel competitive and robust, thus standing strong in the market today.

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