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  • 。16 AF PoE Ports and 2GE/2GF Uplink
    。PoE Line:End-Span(12+,36-)
    。PoE STD:IEEE802.3af/at
    。Built-in Power:250W
  • IEEE802.3af/at Max 30W for each PoE port Total power ups to 200W
  • 。5 Port Switch with 4 AF PoE Ports and 1 Uplink
    。PoE Line:End-Span(12+,36-)
    。PoE STD:IEEE802.3af(15.4W)
  • 8*10/100M auto-sensing RJ45 ports + 2*Gigabit Combo TP/SFP Ports PoE switch, and 1-8 ports support POE, compatible with IEEE802.3af/at, Max PoE power for each port ups to 30W, Total power is 130W.
  • 。24E Port AF PoE Ports and 2GE/2GF Uplink 26 Port Switch
    。Bandwidth: 8.8Gbps
    。PoE Line:End-Span(12+,36-)
    。PoE STD:IEEE802.3af/at 。Built-in Power:400W(50V/7.5A)
  • IEEE802.3af/at Max PoE power for each port: 30W. Total power: 250W
  • 9-Port 10/100M Standard PoE Switch. Port 1 - 8 support PoE function, with max power for each port is 15.4W at the standard of IEEE802.3af. Total power is 100W.
  • 6-Port 10/100M PoE Switch. Port 3-6 support PoE function with port isolation function. Power for each PoE port is 15.4W at IEEE802.3af standard. Total power is 65W. Long transmission distance at 250 meters for both power and data.
  • 。5 Port Switch, 4 Port AF PoE Ports and One Fiber Uplink
    。Bandwidth: 1.6Gbps (non-blocking)
    。PoE Line:End-Span(12+,36-)
    。PoE STD:IEEE802.3af(15.4W)
    。Adpater: 65W(52V/1.25A)
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