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1CH Video Optical Transceiver. 1CH Video +1CH Reverse Data+ 100M Ethernet Series

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◆Card-type or Stand-alone type for your choice; suitable for concentration management in 4U Racks
◆ 10 –digit coding and non-compression video transmission
◆ supporting any high –resolution video signal
◆ automatically compatible with PAL, NTSC and SECAM video format
◆ Supporting video intact regenerative relay, the video transmission can be reach above 200km
◆ Supporting advanced SNMP standards, realise long-distance web-controlling
◆ LED indication of power and other parameter status, monitoring real-time operation
◆ Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility

Target Industries
◆  Intelligent transportation supervisory system(ITS)
◆  High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System
◆  Security protection system, TV medical treatment
◆  Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring
◆  Long-distance broadcast television transmission system
◆  High-building Security Protection, Military Tele-Com projects

Order Information(Packed in standalone and card type,Card-type is suitable for the 4U Rack)

   Specification (Interface:FC)
Max Transmission Distance (KM)
1 Video+ 100M Ethernet 
1 KM (Multi-mode)
1 Video+ 100M Ethernet  
20 KM(Single-mode)
1 Video +1 Reverse Data+ 100M Ethernet  
20 KM(Single-mode)
1 Video +1 bi-directional Data+ 100M Ethernet  
20 KM(Single-mode)
1 Video +2 bi-directional Data +100M Ethernet 
20 KM(Single-mode) 
1 video+2 reverse data+2 alarm +100M ethernet  
20 KM(Single-mode)
Note: The interface can be ST or FC, according to the different requirements from customers. The installation size please Go refer in the application instructions. 

Product Dimension Display

Product size (mm):206.2X206.2X25

Technical parameter list
Product Name 1CH Video Optical Transceiver
Product Model ONVDT/R1V1D1E-S
Connector Type 1 BNC port, 1 data port, 1 Ethernet, 1 FC fiber port
Video Interface BNC
Video Bandwidth 10MHz
Video Bit Wide 8/10/12 bit
Differential Gain (10%-90%APL) DG<1%
Differential Phase 10%-90%APL) DG<0.7dB
Video SNR S/N≥70dB
Data Interface Industrial terminal blocks
Data Bit Rate 0-1024Kbps
Ethernet Feature IEEE802.3U 100Base-TX, UTP 5,10/100M Auto-adaption
Protocol IEEE 802.3U 100Base-TX ,10/100M Ethernet standard
Fiber Feature IEEE802.3U 100Base-TX, UTP 5,10/100M Auto-adaption
Power Consumption 2.5W(Input:DC5V 1000mA)
Transmission Distance Single Mode for 25km, Multi-Mode for 500m
Working Environment Environment temperature: -40 ℃~+85 ℃; storage temperature:-45 ℃~+95 ℃; relative humidity: 0~95%
Dimension LxWxH: 116X87.5X25.5mm
Certification FCC Class A, CE, ROHS
Warranty 3 years

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