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10/100M Ethernet over Coaxial EOC Converter with 1x BNC Port and 1x Ethernet Port

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Through coaxial cable transmission, can provide 100Mbps network flow with regular video cable or twisted pair. Built-in transmitting circuit and receiving circuit and each converter is capable of transmitting and receiving function. Simple to use, no hardware or software debugging, no IP setting, just connecting the video cable to work normally.

Has the advantage of long distance transmission, high-speed communication, supporting multimedia services and flexing networking, etc. Widely applied for upgrading the original analog system to HD system, building new long-distance transmission system, etc. Due to the wires selection diversity, all the original wires in the analog camera can be used as the transmission medium, no need re-wiring. Thus, just replacing the front camera, plus EOC transmitter device, you can upgrade the analog systems to HD digital network, save wiring time, manpower and material resources.


◆Analog monitoring surveillance and HD network upgrading without replacing the coaxial cable
◆Long distance network extended and can be up to 200 meters
◆Support multi-point access, one point to multi-point access
◆Plug and play, no need to set
◆Long distance centralized power supply, the effect is equivalent to PoE power supply
◆Transmission via coaxial cable, twisted pair, telephone line and other transmission media
◆There must be two or more transmissions, the same link(within the same physical coaxial or twisted pair) just set up the master device to support multiple devices  work simultaneously

Product Ordering Information
Product Model: ONV1C1E-3
Product Description: 1X 100Mbps 1C1E Coaxial Cable EOC Converter,1X 10/100M auto-sensing port,1X Coaxial Input/Output BNC port,1X Power Supply(12V DC,180mA)
Ordering List: Default ONV1C1E-3 Transmission 300 meters
Product Model
Transmission Distance
          Cable Type
75-5 Coaxial Cable
Twisted Pair
Telephone Line
300 meters
80 Mbps
60 Mbps
600 meters
90 Mbps
60 Mbps
50 Mbps
1200 meters
70 Mbps
40 Mbps
30 Mbps
1500 meters
50 Mbps
30 Mbps
20 Mbps
2000 meters
30 Mbps
15 Mbps
10 Mbps

Product Packing Lists
Packing Lists
100M 1C1E Coaxial Cable EOC Converter ONV1C1E-3
12V DC,180mA Power Adapter
User Manual
Guarantee Card

Dimension Display
WxHxD (mm): 78X65X24mm

Technical parameter list
Product Name 10/100M Ethernet over Coaxial 1C1E EOC Converter
Product Model ONV1C1E-3
Transmission Media Coaxial Cable,Twisted Pair Cable
Network Port 10/100M auto-sensing RJ45 port
Connector 1X RJ45 connectors,1X BNC connector
Transmission Range/Rate Cable length less than 400M——92Mbps; Cable length less than 1000M——74Mbps; Cable length less than 2000M——30Mbps;
Coaxial Input/Output BNC port/ 75ohm
Led Indicator Network cable connected right – LED light is on Video cable connected right –LED light is flashing
Master/Slave Setting Master mode solidified
Power Supply 12V DC,180mA
Working Environment Working Temperature:-20℃ ~40℃; Relative Humidity:5%~95%, no condensation;
Dimension 78X65X24mm
Radiation FCC Class A, CE
Warranty 1 year warranty, life-time maintain

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