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DVI Optical Transceiver - DVI Transmitter and Receiver. 1CH Data and 1CH Audio. Single Mode Single Fiber

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The DVI optical transmitter & receiver Series products adopt the most advanced international technology of digital video and optical fiber transmission, performing synchronous, undistorted, uncompressed and high quality signal transmission. The computer host, high definition vedio signal etc, exporting the long distance of various resolution ratio of 1 channel DVI signal, solve the problem of only for short distance transmission. 

This DVI Optical Transmitter & Receiver support various high definition resolution ratio transmission, the highest can be reach UXGA 1600*1200 or WUXGA 1920*1080@60Hz or HDTV 1080P 1920*1080@60Hz, max bandwidth 500M. 

◆ All digit, no-compress, high definition optical transmission
◆ Support 1 channel DVI high definition vedio transmission
◆ Compatible support DVI 1.0 standard
◆ Automatic identify and configurate various display mode 
◆ Support UXGA 1600*1200/WUXGA 1920*1200@60Hz, HDTV 1080p 2048*1080@60Hz resolution ratio, the max bandwidth 5.4Gbps
◆ Max support 12bi color depth
◆ Max pixel clock 225MHz
◆ Built-in auto equalization and re-fixed time function, frames clear and steady
◆ Support E-DDC display mode memory and remote read function, guarantee display mode load correct at any time
◆ Giga optical transmission technology, high-capacity, easy to upgrade
◆ Optical WDM/CWDM/DWDM technology
◆ Single mode, multimode fiber transmission
◆ No need software set, support plug and play, and hot plug 
◆ Built-in surge and static protection, three-level lightning protection design
◆ Apply to extreme hot and low temperature etc Industrial harsh environment
◆ Surface mount technology  
◆ Industrial design, high reliability

◆ Support custom and OEM for users

Order Information


Description: 1CH DVI HD Video+1CH Audio+1CH two-way RS232/485/422 and other signals transmitted in parallel

Technical parameter list
Product Name DVI Optical Transceiver 1CH Data and 1CH Audio
Product Model ONVT/RDVI1D1A-S
Connector Type A DVI-hole socket + a 3.5mm stereo jack + RS232 / 485/422 data interface options
Bandwidth 5.4Gbps
Other Performance Video interface type: DVI-I female socket
Optical Fiber Single mode single fiber
Optical Distance Max 20km
Signal RS232 / 485/422 optional data interface
Power Supply AC and DC voltage 220V / 110V-48V, + 24V, + 12V, optional
Power Consumption 15W
Transmission Distance 20km
Working Environment Working Temperature: 0 ℃~+85 ℃; Store Temperature:-45 ℃~+95 ℃; Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no cold condensation)
Warranty 1 year warranty

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