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24*10/100M PoE Ports + 2*10/100/1000M SFP Ports PoE Switch, Port 1-24 support PoE, IEEE802.3af/at. Total power is 250W. Built-in power supply.

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ONV-POE33024PFB is Full Gigabit PoE switch ,with 24*Gigabit adaptive RJ45 ports and 2*optical ports supporting SFP modules. Power management such as wireless access point (AP), IP voice (VoIP) phone and IP based camera can be provided with optimized installation and network settings. Ethernet power supply (IEEE802.3af) performance is suitable for most newly built networks to improve equipment efficiency and reduce installation time and cost. Easy deployment of your wireless access point AP and IP cameras eliminates the need for power outlet limitations and gives you all PoE devices uninterrupted power supply.

ONV-POE33024PFB has excellent performance and reliability.24*10/100/1000 Mbps ports, and the effective connectivity of 2 SFP slots with optical fiber connections, the growing business networks, classrooms and workgroups can benefit from outstanding performance and maintenance of network expansion. This high-performance switch features a non blocking, linear speed architecture. All RJ45 ports can automatically negotiate the highest connection speed and Auto Uplink technology support to ensure the correct network connection. Advanced custom design and affordable price, it passed rigorous testing, with excellent performance.

◆24*10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 ports, 2 *optical ports supporting SFP modules
◆24*RJ45 ports support PoE power supply, conforming to IEEE802.3af/at standard
◆Single port maximum power 30W; total power 250W
◆Support port automatic flipping (Auto MDI/MDIX)
◆Support network port lightning protection (AC power port: differential mode +/-2kV, common mode +/-4kV)
◆The storage and forwarding mechanism is used to forward the memory 192K
◆Standard wall hanging design, easy to install and use
◆The PoE power supply mode is terminated by the end to end connection (End-span), and the intermediate jumper (Mid-span) can be customized

Target Industries
◆HD monitor transmission and power supply
◆Wireless AP layout transmission and power supply
◆Network telephone transmission , intelligent house and home system
◆Intelligent transportation supervisory system(ITS)
◆ High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System
◆ Security protection system, TV medical treatment
◆ Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring
◆ Long-distance broadcast television transmission system
◆ High-building Security Protection, Military Tele-Com projects

Ordering Information

Product Model: ONV-POE33024PFB

Product Description: 24*10/100M PoE Ports + 2*10/100/1000M SFP Ports PoE Switch, Port 1-24 support PoE, IEEE802.3af/at.single port maximum power 30W,total power is 250W. Built-in power supply

Note: the default PoE power supply mode is the end cross connection method (1/2(+), 3/6(-)), and the intermediate cross connection (4/5(+), 7/8(-)) power supply mode is optional. The SFP module is not included, and the additional order is required.


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24-Port Full Gigabit PoE Switch (ONV-POE33024PFB)

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Product Name 24-Port Full Gigabit PoE Switch

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