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Rail transport, will be located a few or a few at each railway station Ten camera points, a railway line linking dozens of stations, hundreds of railway lines and are aggregated to the Ministry of Railways, is a very large system; well as government's emergency command, disaster relief, environmental protection departments to detect sewage and other business applications. These industry application security monitoring systems are increasingly valued the entire information of high-definition technology, engineering and maintenance simplification, and information network...
PSE (client) reverse PSE power supply to provide power through the data cable or twisted pair cable to idle PD (CO) direction switching equipment. After using reverse PoE power supply technology, central office switches can be deployed without deploying separate independent power access, independent power supply using POE reverse achieve stable operation of the equipment, to meet the daily needs of normal operation...
High-definition image sources include terrestrial broadcast, direct broadcast satellite, digital cable, high definition disc (BD), digital cameras, internet downloads and the latest generation of video game consoles. ONV's HD Transmission solutions helps shape smart network access – efficiently, reliably and cost effectively...
For today’s communications customers, there’s no separation between networks, devices, and content. They expect personalized service at every step. ONV Technology can give its reps fast, easy access to the information they need to provide a more cohesive customer experience...
Technology is the driving force behind the production of the first, the development of technology, the application of new technology, safe and reliable highway transport system will better promote the intelligent highway management system increasingly sophisticated and mature...
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