In actual project application, if we choose Ethernet power supply function, then only a POE switch can not meet our need
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Limited kinds of POE products make the networking inconvenient. While there are many types of POE series products in ONV. Based on function, there are POE switch, POE splitter, POE splitter line, POE extender, POE injector, POE fiber transceiver, and POE fiber switch. Based on port, there are single port, 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, and 24 ports. Based on bandwidth, there are 100M, 1000M, and total 1000M. Based on other classification, there are web managed and unmanages, industrial used and home used, IEEE802.3af standard, IEEE802.3at standard and super high power standard. With so many types of POE products, it enriches projector’s choice in networking and make it much easy.
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