ONV's quality concept
Quality is the foundation of an enterprise's survival, and it is also a consistent pursuit of optical network Video(ONV). Since the establishment of Optical Network Video Technologies (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd., we have been customer-oriented, adhering to the quality management concept of excellence, continuous improvement and perfection, which makes our product qualification rate reach 99.8%, which is inseparable from the quality management of our ONV perfect system. We continue to strictly implement the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, combined with scientific and advanced development, inspection, production methods and equipment, to fundamentally guarantee the excellent quality of the products. Products have passed CCC certification, public security three tests, CE, FCC, RoHS, C-TICK, lightning protection detection, network access licenses. Customers can rest assured that we are at ease.
R&D management
Innovation is the soul that enterprises rely on for survival. ONV regards the industry for nearly 20 years, constantly surpasses the courage to innovate, establishes a strict R&D and production quality control system, and implements advanced 6S management as a national high-tech enterprise and ShenZhen High-tech. Enterprises, appearance patents, utility model patents, intellectual property rights, software copyrights, etc. PoE field is ahead of peers... Based on market demand, through forward-looking industry insights, we strive to be the most competitive products on the market, to be a high-quality security transmission solution provider, to conduct full technical review and demonstration at all stages, and to implement strict Reliability testing and third-party testing to enhance the inherent reliability of product quality.
R&D verification
New product conversions must pass through the experiments of complex physical environments in specialized third-party laboratories, such as climatic environment experiments, mechanical environment experiments, and EMC experiments—radiation emissions, surges, and electrostatic discharges. Any new product must pass the tests of Spirent series TestCenter, Nustreams-600 and IXIA XM12 to ensure that the product can run at full line rate in various networking environments.
PCBA processing
ONV continues to improve technology to increase core competitiveness. The industry first introduced Yamaha high-speed placement machine, high and low temperature aging room, reliable laboratory, etc., so we have the advantages of fast quotation, fast production and fast delivery. More standardized and reasonable PCB design, imposition, processing, testing, to minimize our production costs, so that our PCB design meets the technical standards of manufacturability, testability, safety, EMC, EMI.
production inspection
Inspection test is the final guarantee to verify that the product fully meets the customer's requirements. From incoming inspection→production process inspection→final inspection control→shipment inspection→quality abnormal feedback→ quality record, we check and strictly control, and strive to put Every product is made into a boutique.
Warehouse management
As the first production center of intelligent PoE in China, the annual sales ranks first in the industry for several consecutive years. It is inseparable from our strong warehousing and efficient supply chain services. We strictly enforce the 6s standard and always ask ourselves"Pay attention to details, focus on effectiveness, and be safe first." Every step of "receiving, inspecting, warehousing, issuing, returning, storing, and protecting" is strictly controlled . After the materials are put into storage, they need to be classified according to different categories, performances, characteristics and uses, so as to achieve "two neat, three clear, four positioning".
a) Two neatly arranged: The materials are neatly arranged and the storage capacity is clean and tidy.
b) Three clear: The materials are clear, the quantity is clear, and the specifications are clear.
c) Four positioning: positioning by area, by row, by frame, by bit.
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