Demand analysis
The Intellligent Buildings Shangchao network should be advanced, flexible, reliable, and standard, reduce costs, increase market competitiveness
Wireless network coverage in public places must meet the requirements of Orders 82 and 33 of the Ministry of Public Security
In order to meet the requirements of business users and intranet users and entertainment
Need to speed limit strategy to ensure effective bandwidth and the wireless terminal's Internet experience
To achieve wireless authentication marketing, Portal advertising push, Portal interface, advertisements and LOGO on the page can be modified and replaced by user customization
Help merchants collect and record customer information, use related platforms to achieve secondary marketing, accurate promotion
By classifying wireless Internet access strategies, ordinary customers can authenticate online through mobile phone text messages, and member customers can enter the authentication network by entering membership accounts
For external networks that are open to merchants' Internet users, they must implement online behavior management, access certain online e-commerce platforms
Scheme topology
Program value
Smart Marketing, Using Smart "Heart" to Offer Business Promotion to Merchants
The multi-service cloud intelligent management platform M-5 supports wireless authentication functions, including 12 authentication methods such as WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, and WEB authentication to meet the requirements for complex scene authentication. Understand management · Hui marketing & middot; re-experience, multi-channel collection and analysis of common guest data. With the cloud system, customers can customize the push brand, product campaigns to achieve WIFI marketing. Marketing value-added & middot; WeChat sucking powder to increase customer loyalty and secondary consumption SMS marketing, WeChat marketing & middot; personalized page push, enhance WLAN marketing value, wireless investment transform business value productivity
Intelligent network speed optimization, 5G priority access, shopping mall Wi-Fi is more smooth
5G first, 5G terminals automatically access the 5G frequency band, experience the speed of wireless Internet access in general and smooth flying; time fair algorithm, automatic recognition of terminal speed, negotiate data transmission, prevent low-rate terminals from slowing down network performance; unique wireless network acceleration technology, , Wireless bandwidth can be released in a complex environment to enhance the speed of wireless networks; Based on the application of traffic control, limiting high bandwidth consumption applications, giving priority to social applications to ensure that customers access the Internet smoothly. Seamless roaming, secure wireless signal, free to walk around the network is not dropped
Double the wireless access performance and no fear of heavy traffic
Ceiling AP high-quality Atheros chip, more stable operation, more powerful; AP built-in smart antenna, can automatically adjust the channel and power, to ensure full coverage of the signal within the wireless coverage; With multi-service cloud management platform, intelligent load balancing function, all The terminal automatically accesses the optimal AP. The number of access points per AP is balanced and reasonable. AP access overload or idle resources are avoided. As a result, users cannot connect to the wireless network or lose their connections.
Intelligent management, efficient operation, creating the maximum value of wireless network
Multi-service cloud intelligent management platform M-5 integrated device management Intelligent dynamic topology, POE power management, smart wireless, network diagnosis in one, to achieve a unified operation and maintenance, reduce personnel investment. With cloud, terminal mobile phone APP, allows users to easily configure network devices and maintain the network anytime, anywhere. Novice operation, God's effect, saving time and effort. The multi-service cloud intelligent management platform M-5 can provide one-button fault diagnosis and integrate "customer + cable + wireless" to quickly locate fault points. 360-degree network monitoring based on user experience, from the whole to the local, checking physical indicators layer by layer, through data analysis, giving an experience of degradation and giving an optimal solution.
Intelligent power supply, two layers of isolation, creating a high-speed, stable customer wireless experience
The PoE switch's advanced self-sensing algorithm only supplies power to IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant terminal devices. It does not need to worry about damaging private standard POE or non-POE devices. It has high security against power surges and has short-circuit protection. When there is a large current and other power failures, it will start the short-circuit function to cut off the power supply, prevent the device from being burned out and avoid the network failure caused by the line fault or installation error; the port isolation function, access to the AP port is opened, guarantee between AP The two layers of the environment do not interfere with each other, ensuring a wireless experience.
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