Ethernet POE Solution
According to the planning of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security and other ministries and commissions, by 2020, the public security video surveillance construction network application of “global coverage, network-wide sharing, full-time availability, and full-process control” will be basically realized,and public security prevention and control and traffic optimization will be strengthened. Significant results have been achieved in terms of service city management and innovative social governance.
Global coverage
The coverage of video surveillance in key public areas reached 100%, and the proportion of newly built and rebuilt HD cameras reached 100%;the number of new HDTV cameras was gradually increased.
Network-wide sharing
The video surveillance networking rate of key public areas reaches 100%; the video image resource networking rate of key industries and areas involving public areas reaches 100%.
Full-time availability
The video surveillance cameras installed in key public areas have an in-sound rate of 98%, enabling all-weather applications of video image information.
Full-process control
The layered security system of the public security video surveillance system networking application is basically completed,and the sensitive video image information is not leaked.
Ethernet POE Network Pain Points
Highly homogenized products, no selling points, no targeted security network products and overall solutions
In the era of security industry from analog to network, most manufacturers only apply conventional network equipment directly to the security field, lacking professional products and solutions for customized development in the security field.
The product quality is mediocre, the parameters are imaginary and the configuration is confusing.
The popularity of high-definition video surveillance, the transmission of switches and other transmission products, so that customers can not find a product that is really needed in the project.
The lack of product services, unable to provide effective product pre-sales and after-sales service, technical support in place.
Many small manufacturers, most of them can not provide timely technical support and real and effective control parameters, resulting in the final result: customers have to move to high-priced big brands, and ultimately missed the bidding project.

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