Why choose ONV managed industrial POE switch?
[Abstract]: How do you choose an industrial-grade managed switch with a wide variety of quality and price on the market? Do you need power redundancy, network redundancy,

How do you choose an industrial-grade managed switch with a wide variety of quality and price on the market? Do you need power redundancy, network redundancy, and diversified network management functions, centralized management, protection, and lightning protection levels? Is there a quick troubleshooting method for operation, is the operation and maintenance convenient?



Safe and reliable use is always in the first place

Safety and reliability are critical in an industrial field environment. Optical network Video managed industrial PoE switch adopts fanless mute design wide temperature and voltage design, aluminum alloy metal shell super heat dissipation, durable and strong anti-interference, anti-shock, anti-rust, IP40 lightning protection level, protective contact discharge level 8KV, air discharge level 15KV, port lightning protection 6KV, waterproof, anti-corrosion, working temperature range of -40~+80℃ can operate stably under harsh working conditions; Industrial PoE switch meet national CCC standard, fully comply with CE, FCC, RoHS safety requirements, safe and reliable use.



Managed industrial switch network reliability

Network data transmission, single-link star connection, and tree connection can not maximize the reliability of the network. For the high-reliability requirements of industrial application scenarios, the optical network Video (ONV) sees the full range of managed industrial Ethernet switches with fast ring network. Redundant functions, support multiple network redundancy protocols STP/RSTP/MSTP (recovery time <50ms) and (ITU-T G.8032) ERPS (recovery time <20ms) improve link backup and network reliability Sexuality when a one-way network fails, communication can be quickly resumed to ensure uninterrupted communication of important applications.



Managed industrial switch network security

Since the openness of the industrial Network switch is vulnerable to malicious attacks, the network security factor must be taken into account in the process of setting up the automation network. Therefore, when purchasing the device, the user should select the Ethernet switch with the VLAN function to facilitate the function division of the network and avoid Man-made malicious destruction or misoperation ensures the security and reasonable division of the broadcast domain.



The ONV managed network switch has a variety of VLAN configuration functions, such as the basic port VLAN, the basic 802.1Q VLAN, the basic protocol VLAN, and the basic MAC address VLAN so that the ports in the same VLAN can be isolated. Flexible port + VLAN + MAC + IP binding, secure access to each port. At the same time, the user can provide the authentication function for the LAN computer by the 802.1X function, and control the authorization status of the controlled port according to the authentication result.



■ Support user hierarchical management and password protection

■ Support IEEE802.1X authentication / centralized MAC address authentication

■ Support AAA & RADIUS authentication

■ Support MAC address learning limit

■ Support MAC address the black hole

■ Support SSH 2.0 to provide secure encryption channel for user login

■ Support SSL to ensure data transmission security

■ Support port isolation

■ Support ARP packet rate limit function

■ Support IP source address protection

■ Support ARP intrusion detection

■ Support against DoS attacks

■ Support port broadcast packet suppression

■ Support host data backup mechanism

■ The quaternary binding function of IP+MAC+VLAN+ port


Managed industrial switch compatibility

Powerful device compatibility is also one of the features that industrial Ethernet switches need to consider. Network communication is based on the standard TCP/IP protocol. ONV network management industrial switches are also studied in terms of compatibility. In addition to the powerful IPV4/IPV6 dual-stack protocol, it can also seamlessly connect with the Industrial PoE switch devices of major brand industrial switch manufacturers on the market to relieve the worries of customers. (Hirschmann, Moxa, GE, Cisco, etc.)



Device maintenance

The working environment of industrial Ethernet switches is demanding, and the possibility of device failure is greatly increased. Therefore, when purchasing a PoE device, users should select managed switches that meet industry specifications and convenient operation and maintenance management.



Rich video surveillance feature management mode, support RMON, system log, port traffic statistics, support LLDP, facilitate network management query and determine link status; support cable detection, ping detection, CPU monitoring, port temperature monitoring, easy analysis Faulty network node. System installation and debugging are simple and convenient, freeing your network engineer.



Managed industrial PoE switch application

Managed industrial PoE switch is suitable for industrial scenes such as intelligent transportation, rail transit, power industry, mining, petroleum, shipping, metallurgy and green energy construction to form a cost-effective, stable and reliable communication network.