Optical Network Video (ONV) at Security China 2018

Security China is one of the largest, most authoritative and most influential security exhibitions in the world. Optical Network Video is honored to be one of the gold sponsors of Security China CPSE in 2018.

 PoE switch at Security China,PoE switch

Since ONV establishment in 2003, It has long been committed to research and development of products and technologies related to smart security transmission, focusing on areas such as Safe City,Smart Transportation.

At the exhibition, Optical Network Video, the general manager of Joe Wu, accepted an interview with afzhan.com.

PoE switch at Security China,PoE switch


Q: In the past decade, China's influence on the global optical communications market has surpassed that of other countries, and it has also accelerated the development of communication products. I don't know how you look at the security transmission field? Want to continue to maintain rapid growth in the market, how should the optical network see next?

A: As the development of the security industry has entered the deep water area, the industry reshuffle is coming. How to stand out in the fierce competition has become a problem in front of many companies. This year, ONV has continuously increased the research and development of products, and has also made active efforts in marketing. "Two-pronged approach, strive to occupy a new high ground in the field of video surveillance transmission." Joe Wu said with pleasure, "In the critical period of industry transformation, optical network has always maintained a double-digit growth is proud." At the same time, Joe Wu also said that The future development of the security industry is still full of confidence.