ONV Showcased in CPSE Shenzhen 2021

Dec 26-29, the 18th CPSE was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.


ONV showcased in this CPSE with her products, like IoT9000 intelligent box, data acquisition controller, data acquisition control module, Rail-mounted communication module, Easy managed switch, PoE switch, industrial switch, PoE accessories, wireless product, etc. covering applications and solutions including smart city, smart transportation, smart highway, water conservancy monitoring, smart scenic spot, etc.


Due to COVID-19, many partners could not visit this CPSE exhibition, ONV also provided the CPSE highlight product video, and the Live Show offered a comprehensive display of ONV’s new generation of intelligent networking and PoE solutions.


During the CPSE, ONV showcased some new products launched in 2021, including an industrial router, 5/8-port Ethernet switch(plastic case), data acquisition controller, data acquisition control module, Rail-mounted communication module, etc. Among them, the data acquisition controller, data acquisition control module, and Rail communication module are the same series of IoT products newly launched by CPSE. It can be flexibly assembled according to the needs of the scene and can be directly installed in the security monitoring box, power control box, and traffic control box. , Control cabinet, and light pole control box.


In addition, ONV traditional products, such as industrial switches and commercial PoE switches, also gained wide attention from visitors to the exhibition of PoE self-healing technology, one-key intelligent technology, fast ring technology, wide temperature design, 6kV lightning protection, and other characteristic technologies as well as the advantages of stability and reliability, easy installation, safety, and energy saving.