Hundreds of towns will be the perfect end of the West Network as the PoE switch continues wonderful
[Abstract]: On September 9th, 2016, the 5th National Public Welfare Training for Wisdom and Security Solutions (abbreviated as “Hundred Cities Council”) ended on the western line. As the last stop of the Baicheng

On September 9th, 2016, the 5th National Public Welfare Training for Wisdom and Security Solutions (abbreviated as “Hundred Cities Council”) ended on the western line. As the last stop of the Baichenghui West Line, Guangwang will give security engineering companies and The security transmission solution sharing and product display brought by customers have also come to an end; however, as the progress of optical network does not stop, we will continue to pay attention to the security industry and the needs of our customers, continue to extend product development and application, and strive to technology Depth and breadth of application development, research and development of more innovative, more practical PoE products.

As the title company of Baichenghui West Line, Guangwang participated in the training conference for the entire Baichenghui West Line, including cities such as Haikou, Nanning, Guiyang, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, and Lanzhou; not only for security engineering companies. We and our customers have brought wonderful speech sharing. Mr. Peng Yuqin made detailed explanations on the convenience of security transmission solutions and the use of PoE. The content of the speech was even more amazing, winning applause and unanimously recognized by the guests present here. . Under the line also brought security network project to the security engineering companies as the latest PoE switch products, and actively communicate with customers to explain, by the security engineering vendors and the majority of customers alike. As China's first intelligent PoE switch manufacturer, Shenzhen Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to creating a secure, stable and harmonious security transmission platform.

Optical Network provides a wide range of models, product types, different bandwidth (Fast, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit), different ports, and PoE switches with different power supplies. Various models including 48/24/16/8/4 ports and 15.4W, 30W, 60W and 90W are available. Optical Network Technology as a result of its focus on security transmission process of thirteen years, developed and designed PoE switch products are marked with a "security" branding, with more features of high-definition network video transmission. For four consecutive years, China's PoE switch sales NO.1, then optical network as PoE switch in the end what technical features?

1、Large Buffer big buffer, QoS mode to achieve intelligent cache scheduling: the use of the most reliable storage and forwarding mechanism, increase the forwarding storage space, and the use of intelligent port scheduling cache space technology to solve the video data port congestion problem, and effectively reduce the probability of packet loss, improve High-definition video transmission fluency;

2. Eight-wire intelligent PoE power supply technology: Break the traditional PoE four-wire power supply limit, bid farewell to the history of PoE power supply line sequence selection, seamlessly connect the PoE intermediate crossover method (4578), the end crossover method (1236), and the eight core wire Power supply reduces impedance, improves PoE transmission quality, and is more energy-efficient and convenient;


3, long-frame transmission mode, support jumbo frames: improve data transmission efficiency, effectively reduce the HD network video transmission delay, and further enhance video streaming fluency;
4, PoE port dual-mode power supply mechanism: PoE international standard IEEE802.3af support port power supply 15.4W, IEEE802.3at support port power supply power 25.5W. In order to meet more functions, more applications of network cameras for environmental applications require flexible power. The PoE port supports both IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at international standards. When the power required by a network camera connected to a PoE port is less than 15.4W, the The port operates in IEEE 802.3af mode. When the required power is greater than 15.4W, the port operates in IEEE 802.3at mode. Optical network, as the PoE switch IEEE802.3at mode, the port power supply has been as high as 36W, more widely meet the network camera power requirements;
5, priority power supply and overload protection mechanism: a small number of high priority port, the switch first ensure that the high priority port power supply. The optical network regards the PoE switch as configuring full-load total power according to the af and at two specifications. When the total power of the required port exceeds the total power of the PoE switch configuration power, the priority mode power supply is used, and the overload power protection is provided to avoid excessive power burn. Bad equipment phenomenon;
6, long-distance PoE power supply technology: 100Mbps power supply distance up to 150 meters, 10 trillion power transmission distance up to 300 meters, expanding the PoE network flexibility. Optical network as the introduction of PoE repeater technology, the use of relay equipment, PoE power supply distance can be achieved up to 500 meters;