Wuhan Hanyang district PoE switch video surveillance system solution

Nowadays, monitoring systems are everywhere, and Safe City has built a harmonious city through three defense systems (technical defense systems, physical defense systems, and civil air defense systems). The security monitoring system has developed into an indispensable part of smart cities and safe cities. The use of advanced information technology, video surveillance and other components to form a monitoring network to facilitate the city to achieve intelligently, standardized management and orderly operation!

Background of the project

Hanyang District is located in the southwestern part of Wuhan. With the economic development and urban construction speed increasing, the urban population is densely populated and the floating population is increasing. The urban management problems such as transportation and social security in urban construction are increased. The police force cannot meet the actual needs. In order to prevent economic criminal offenses, protect the lives and property of the country and the people, and the normal operation of all sectors of society, video surveillance has been widely used as an important technical defense.


PoE switch video surveillance system


HD video transmission system requirements

Social security patrol

Through the image monitoring system, online visual security patrols can be implemented. Compared with current human patrols and vehicle patrols, it is highly efficient and concealed.

Police handling

Through the image monitoring system, in the first time of the party's report, you can visually see the dynamic situation around the police, assist the command center to effectively command and dispatch, and regulate our law enforcement.

Public place management and control

Through the image monitoring system, the public security dynamics of some public places can be controlled in real time. Once illegal and criminal acts are found, they can be disposed of in time, and their video data can be used as evidence.

The case of multiple areas to arrest

For some cases in multiple areas, you can use the image monitoring system to wait, track, and implement the current capture.

Detection of motor vehicle cases

In the case of public security cases involving motor vehicles and the handling of traffic accidents, the image monitoring system can provide video image data, analyze the vehicle trajectory, and provide effective evidence for case analysis.

PoE switch video surveillance system



The video transmission network is designed according to the specific conditions of the front-end installation monitoring points and the structural characteristics of the urban area. The video transmission network should ensure the smooth flow of the video stream, which is similar to human blood. It needs to be guaranteed not to be blocked. The main devices include access switch, optical transceiver, aggregation switch, core switch, trunk transmission cable, video connection. Into the use of super five (six types) unshielded twisted pair cable. The construction of video transmission private network needs to consider switching capacity, packet forwarding rate, and multicast and QoS technology. If the video transmission network requires external network access function, it needs to Do a good job of security and anti-virus measures, and you need to add a firewall in the private network system.


PoE switch video surveillance system solution


Topology architecture

A star topology network is adapted to implement a two-layer architecture, and simple topology enhances system stability.

Switching capacity configuration

The access layer uses PoE switch, which is 10/100M downlink port and uplink SFP fiber slot port, to set up the highest configuration switching capacity link

Link medium

Link communication is all mixed with optic-fiber and network cable, access layer Gigabit uplink, switching capacity guarantee, no interference, easy to expand

Device configuration

The 26-port Gigabit POE fiber switch is adopted by Optical Network Video (ONV) to ensure high-speed link bandwidth transmission of high-definition images.


The program involves products

The ONV-POE33024PF PoE switch is a high-speed access switch designed for monitoring networks, IoT networks, and wireless networks. Designed for high-definition network video and complex environment applications, it has rich business functions and monitoring-specific features to fully guarantee the smoothness and stability of network transmission.


PoE switch video surveillance system solution


Transmission monitoring features

For the high-definition video surveillance system, the video stream enters the PoE switch from IP camera, and the traffic direction is from the bottom to the top. The data packet is transmitted in long messages and bursts. This difference provides a cache allocation management mechanism to make the PoE switch downlink. The number of bursts supported by the uplink port is increased, and the probability of transmitting the problem is reduced. The security monitoring service fault location component is supported, and the packet loss and connectivity problems in the network are analyzed in real time.

Professional lightning protection

The professional built-in lightning protection technology supports the industry-leading 4KV port lightning protection capability, which can greatly reduce the damage rate of lightning strikes on devices in harsh working environments.


PoE switch video surveillance system solution


The link can support full line rate transmission

The ONV-POE33024PF PoE switch with 24*10/100/1000M PoE ports and 2*100/1000M uplink SFP fiber slot ports. (TP/SFP) combo ports, all port can support full line-rate forwarding, which can be easily connected and extended by the network without being affected by the transmission medium. The large switching capacity and the large cache chip solution are preferably used to improve the file forwarding rate, and effectively solve the problems of video jamming and picture loss in the high-definition monitoring environment.

Efficient, stable and green energy saving

A variety of green energy-saving designs, such as auto-power-down, If the interface status is always “down” for a period of time, the system automatically stops powering the interface and automatically enters the energy-saving mode. Supports one-button energy-saving mode, reducing energy consumption by controlling the indicator light on/off and port energy-saving status. The EEE energy-saving function is supported. If the port is idle for a period of time, the system will set the port to the power-saving mode. When a packet is sent or received, the port will wake up the port and resume the service.


PoE switch video surveillance system solution


Program system

Real-time monitoring

24h real-time check-in monitoring of each surveillance image in its jurisdiction, and electronic patrol of public security management in urban public areas through image system;

Disposal of incidents

Immediate monitoring and recording of the detected alarms or suspicious circumstances, and image fixation, capture, preservation, and backup of illegal and criminal acts and suspicious persons and suspicious objects;

Information storage

Storing and backing up all kinds of illegal crime evidence, suspicious circumstances, or image data that may be used in the future, and regularly sorting the image data;

Information collection

According to the actual security situation of the jurisdiction, highlight the key points, effectively exert the equipment efficiency, record and capture all kinds of suspicious dynamic and static information found in the monitoring, and make a written record at the same time


PoE switch video surveillance system solution


In order to build a harmonious home in a safe city, the video surveillance system has undergone many changes and transformations, and has now fully entered the stage of digitalization, networking, high-definition, and intelligence; ONV has a complete high-definition network video surveillance solution for construction. Build a safe city to provide optimized investment management and control programs.