What are the connection methods of PoE switches?
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What are the connection methods of PoE switches? When we introduced the monitoring power supply mode, we introduced a PoE power supply. Some friends have some questions about the PoE power supply. Today, the PoE switch manufacturer (ONVwill use the graphic form to learn about the four power supply modes and connections of the PoE method.


PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch


First, PoE switches and terminals can support PoE

The PoE switch is directly connected to the wireless AP and IP camera that supports the PoE power supply through the network cable. Colleagues should pay attention to two points:

PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch

1, Determine whether the PoE switch and the wireless AP or network camera are standard PoE devices.

2, To carefully confirm the specifications of the purchased network cable, the quality of the network cable is critical, a poor quality network cable will cause the wireless AP or IP camera cannot receive power or constantly restart.

Second, the PoE switches can support PoE and the terminal can't support PoE.

The PoE switch is connected to the PoE splitter. The PoE splitter separates the power supply into data signals and power. There are two output lines, one is the power output line, and the other is the network data signal output line, that is, the ordinary network cable. The power output has 5V/9V/12V, etc. It can match various DC input non-PoE powered terminals and supports IEEE 802.3af/802.3at standard. The data signal output line, that is, the ordinary network cable, can be directly connected to the network port of the non-PoE power receiving terminal.

PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch


Third, the network switches can't support PoE, and the terminal can support PoE.

The network switch comes out to connect to the PoE power supply. The PoE power supply adds power to the network cable and transmits it to the terminal. This kind of scheme is conducive to expanding the original wiring network and has no impact on the original network.

PoE IP camera + PoE injector connection.

PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch


Fourth, Ethernet switches and terminals cannot support PoE.

The network switch comes out to the PoE power supply, then to the PoE splitter, and finally to the terminal. The third and fourth schemes are suitable for the transformation of the traditional network, that is, the original network switch does not support the PoE power supply, but wants to take advantage of the PoE power supply.

In actual application, how should the network cable be connected? Many friends have some understanding of PoE power supply technology, knowing the power supply line order problems such as1/2(+),3/6(-) or 4/(+),7/8(-), so they are afraid of wrong connection, resulting in serious consequences such as equipment burning.

PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch

PoE power supply standard requirements for PSE equipment such as PoE switches and POE power supply modules (POE power supplies) are as long as one of the 1/2(+),3/6(-), or 4/(+),7/8(-) power supply lines is supported. Of course, the latest 802.3at 4-pair standard is required. Both are supported at the same time. The requirement for POE-powered devices is that they must support both power supply modes.

How to connect PoE switches?

1. If your POE switch and POE power supply module are standard PSE devices, then the network cable will not be burned if you connect the wireless AP or IP camera below. The standard POE powering process has a detection process that ensures that power is not supplied to powered devices that are not standard.

PoE switches, PoE switch, industrial PoE switch

2. If your PSE equipment is a strong supply type, you must carefully check the instructions before wiring. See if the power supply pin is 1/2(+),3/6(-) or 4/(+),7/8(-). If there is no manual, you can also use a multimeter to detect if there is stability. The 12V/24V/48V output is the power supply pin. The power supply pin is clarified, and the terminal device cannot be directly connected. The wireless AP or IP camera at the other end should figure out what the input voltage is, and whether the network port circuit has been modified. If it has not been modified, the network port circuit may be burned after being connected. If the circuit is not modified, a POE separator is required.

Understand the above two points, in the engineering application, before the wiring, the chest is full. There are a lot of non-standard devices on the market. If you need it, you can choose the PoE devices and installation service on the ONV website.

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