ONV IoT network management platform, simplifying operation and maintenance

With the development of intelligent networks, the security industry is already a guarantee industry for the security needs of modern society, and security operations are an indispensable part of the normal operation of the security system. Facing the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19),  it is even more difficult to carry out security work. In this special period, a secure and reliable visual remote operation and maintenance platform is urgently needed to improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

IoT network management platform


The ONV IoT intelligent platform can integrate the monitoring and control management of multiple project equipment and facilities on one management interface, and provides users with an efficient, consistent, and transparent service. Its core function can monitor the operation of each access device and application system in the network coverage area in real-time, so as to be visualized and intelligent. Troubleshooting that took at least 2 hours in the past, now only takes a few minutes. At the same time, it also has an automatic equipment inspection function, which truly achieves "active attack, active defense, and active maintenance", greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs and changing traditional manual operation and maintenance.


ONV-loT intelligent platform

The ONV-loT intelligent platform is based on real networking, global precise positioning, intelligent management, real-time visualization of cloud real-time management, monitoring, operation and maintenance, automatic generation of real networking topology maps, 7 * 24h monitoring faults and automatic alarm push The first time to inform the operation and maintenance personnel of the cause and location of the failure, to achieve unattended network operation and maintenance management. 

 IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform


Visual Management on PC

The entire operation and maintenance system is clear at a glance, the fault is automatically alarmed, and the system automatically pushes.

Support online Ethernet switch device to automatically generate logical topology maps, the architecture is clearly visible, and realize real visual operation and maintenance management.

 IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform

Work order system

GPS map location IoT intelligent box location 

5000+ intelligent power box remote management 

Real-time monitoring of the running status of the IoT smart  box

IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform


Alarm information

Any failure of the front-end IoT intelligent box will automatically send alarm information to the operation and maintenance platform

Fault location, diagnosis, remote repair


IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform

Work order information

 Automatically generate fault work orders (optical fiber lines, mains access

front-end equipment, etc . ) according to the details of the alarm information.

The work order is sent to the maintenance personnel, and the fault information can be viewed through the mobile client.


IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform

Statistics information 

The operation and maintenance personnel repairs the faulty work order, and the operation and maintenance management platform automatically collects the fault information.

According to the user’s needs, the fault can be reported on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to develop an operation and maintenance plan based on the failure rate.


System Management

Set operation and maintenance platform system functions.

Operation and maintenance management platform rights management

access rights2. management rights, 3. second-level authorization provides application allocation and management resource permissions to achieve resource access authority control.


IoT network management platform,ONV-loT intelligent platform

Mobile client, work order information.

Get work order: operation and maintenance personnel gets the latest trouble work order.

My work order: view fault work order information (fiber link, mains access,

equipment failure, network failure), view the trouble work order location.


The visual operation and maintenance of the ONV IoT intelligent platform are based on the operating conditions of various equipment in the system. It can timely find faults in the system and take corresponding measures to ensure the normal and stable operation of the system, effectively reduce the flow of personnel and ensure the epidemic situation prevention and control and security operation and maintenance are running normally.