New generation steel industry integrated monitoring solution

Heilongjiang Jianlong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is the largest and most modernized steel production enterprise in Heilongjiang province, China. It has many subordinate factories, covering a large area, complicated personnel, and many entrances and exits. Through the establishment of a high-definition security monitoring system, key units, key locations, road traffic and production areas within the plant can be comprehensively covered.

PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch 

Solution Requirements

Fiber optic connection.

Advanced network and power protection.

Withstand a wide range of temperature changes.

Industrial protection grade can operate safely in a harsh environment.

Convenient management can check the communication status of the network access point at any time.

PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch

Solution Design

In order to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the steel plant, the entire network system distinguishes the internal and external monitoring networks of the workshop. Inside the workshop, industrial-grade switch ring networks are used to ensure the reliability and stability of the monitoring network in high-temperature environments. The external plants and warehouses are connected by commercial switches, and all networks are connected to the monitoring center. Secondary network architecture: access layer, core layer.

PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch

Access layer: ONV-IPS33148FM industrial Ethernet switch is deployed at the field end of the workshop system to form a steel production backbone network, and is connected to the core switch through V-Ring redundancy technology. Other key places in the external factory area: office buildings, roads, warehouses, factory entrances, and exits using ONV-POE33016PF Gigabit PoE fiber exchange, a network cable can realize flexible networking, meet the plant's various scene access needs. Gigabit SFP optical port matching The ONV2612/ONV2613 SFP module is suitable for long-distance transmission while increasing the system's anti-jamming capability to ensure business continuity and stability. These fiber switches form an industrial communication network through the ONV1110S-SCX series fiber media converter and are connected to the ONV36028FM rack-mounted core layer switch of the remote control center.


PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch

Aggregation/core layer: Core switch ONV36028FM is deployed in the internal system of the workshop and the external plant system, connected to the access switch of each system for centralized management and monitoring of the system, and the core switch suppresses port broadcast through multicast VLAN and multicast filtering Storm, efficient data transmission, saving network bandwidth. ONV36028FM can support multiple network redundancy protocols STP/RSTP/MSTP (<50ms) and (ITU-T G.8032) ERPS (<20ms) to improve link backup and network reliabilityIt can quickly restore communication when the one-way network fails, ensuring uninterrupted communication of important applications.


PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch

System Topology


PoE switch,ONV, industrial Ethernet switch,core switch,Ethernet switch

Solution Features


Provide a complete industrial Ethernet solution, including access layer switches, aggregation/core layer

The switch can support optical fiber and long-distance transmission, providing a stable and reliable wireless communication network

Gigabit backbone optical fiber communication network ensures high-speed data transmission, effectively avoiding strong electromagnetic interference on site

-40 ℃~ +85 ℃ working temperature to ensure high temperature on site, stable operation of equipment in high dust environment

Access layer and convergence/core layer adopt V-Ring and V-Chain redundant ring network technology to achieve failure recovery of less than 50ms to ensure high reliability of network communication