Channel agent policy
In order to standardize the current Shenzhen Optical Network technology market behavior, in order to increase market promotion efforts, maintain the status and interests of agents, and further promote the sales of products, this plan is specifically formulated.
First, the principle of cooperation:
Fair, unified, interactive, and complementary
Second, sales model:
In order to shorten the distribution channels as much as possible, reduce intermediate links, facilitate management and minimize costs, and provide partners with maximum development and profit space, Optical Network Technology adopts agents to expand the market. At present, sales of agents have become a main sales channel for the marketing of our products.
Third, the qualification requirements and responsibilities of the agents:
1. An independent legal entity. The "business scope" registered by the Trade and Industry Bureau includes security, communications product sales, security, and communications technology services.
2. There is an independent office space. After becoming our agent, we need to open up a proprietary venue to display our company's products and display promotional materials.
3. Have at least 1 year business experience and have a good corporate image. Has system integration and solution sales experience.
4. We agree to actively sell our products and actively cooperate with the company to develop the market. Has a complete company organization structure, and is committed to sales of our company's sales and service team.
5. The business is concentrated in the security market. Has a stable customer base and has an in-depth understanding of customers.
6. In the security communications products, we mainly sell our company's products.
7. Comply with our channel product business specification. In the course of competition, we accept our company's coordination of product pricing.
8. Regularly participate in our marketing activities, promotional activities and related training.
9. According to the agency agreement, Receiver Networks Technology commissioned technical support and after-sales service for local users or engineers.
10. According to the agency agreement, the sales volume will be completed within the agreement period (tentative year).
11. If the sales volume cannot be completed during the agreement period, our company can handle it according to the specific contract.
Fourth, the agent enjoys rights and interests
(1) Technical support that agents can obtain from Optical Network Technology:
1. Product technical training.
2. Production assistance for complete solutions and tenders.
3. Solution assistance such as project implementation and maintenance.
4. 24-hour real-time technical consultation acceptance (telephone, telex, online consultation, etc.).
5.24-hour market service hotline, providing various market services at any time.
(b) Market support that agents can obtain from Optical Network Technology:
1. Free access to market information resources.
2. Marketing campaigns and product advertising support.
3. Market assessment assistance and continuous improvement suggestions.
Fifth, the agent's rights and interests guarantee
1, optical network as science and technology provide high-quality communications products;
2, increase marketing efforts, establish a strong brand image;
3. In principle, Optical Network Technology does not provide direct supply to local terminals.
Sixth, the commitment of the agents
Our company has a strict regional division policy. All dealers or individuals can only operate in the areas where they have obtained qualifications for distribution. They must not be sold across districts. Otherwise, they will be deemed as defective goods.
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