As market competition intensifies, market demand changes faster, product life cycle shortens, delivery time requirements increase, and products begin to develop in many varieties and small batch sizes. Those old competitive elements have evolved into necessary conditions for companies to maintain competitiveness. The core elements of competition have changed from providing low prices, high quality, and good after-sales services to “speed.” Competition among companies has evolved into competition among supply chains. Under the same conditions, the faster the company can respond to customers, the shorter the lead time for providing products, and the stronger the survivability, the better it will be in the competition.
With the years of experience in the development of Ethernet power supply and optical communication, as well as the accumulation of technologies in product stability, Optical Network Technology can provide customized products with high quality and low price, thus helping you to gain an early opportunity in product quality and achieving more. Fast time to market. At present, we mainly provide user cooperation in two areas:
OEM service:
Users can use our mature and stable machine products, or perform function reduction according to your actual needs. The two parties achieve mutual benefits through complementary advantages.
ODM service:
ODM is the original design manufacturer and can provide customers with all services from product development, design and manufacturing to post-maintenance. As long as users provide functional requirements and specifications, we can develop products that meet the requirements of users. At the same time, our company can OEM and OEM; fully meet user requirements.
OEM/ODM contact hotline
If you want to get specialized customized services (not limited to ONV brand), you need a large-scale factory foundry, or a professional team to develop design products, please contact:
Network Power Supply OEM Department Tel: 0755-33376610 E-mail: pengyq@onv.com.cn
Fiber Optic Communications OEM Department Tel: 0755-33376609 E-mail: wu.qihua@onv.com.cn
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